Conference 2019

29th – 30th November Congress Center IKEM Prague

10th international conference

Organized by the Czech Association of Sport Psychologists in cooperation with the Department of Psychology – Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Center for Sports Medicine and Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

The 10th international conference about sport psychology in practice has the same theme as in 2010 when our first conference was organized – the way to success. There were approximately 70 visitors at that time, and we met up with nearly 170 visitors last year, in the process there were a strong representation of sport trainers. We thank you for your interest and favour and we believe that the upcoming conference will be enriching and inspirational for your work and your next growth.

We would like to offer you a wider range of topics this year again, as we did in previous years.

That is why we see sport success not only traditionally in the form of great results, but also from other angles, such as:

  • Overcoming your own limits
  • Returning to top performances after serious injury or illness / given birth
  • Top performances without doping
  • Setting a positive and supportive environment for the healthy development of children and talent
  • Being a successful coach who not only leads the wards to good results but who has found an optimal approach to coaching
  • Concerns about differences, differences and mutual ties between men and women in sport

A two-day conference will include a series of lectures with practical demonstrations and discussions with speakers, there will be also four parallel workshops. The audience will also have the opportunity to discuss with prominent personalities from among top athletes or coaches. The first day of the conference will be in English (simultaneous interpreting will be provided), the second day will be in Czech or Slovak language.

Expert guarantor

Mgr. Michal Šafář, Ph.D., chairman of the Czech Association of Sport Psychologists

Mgr. Veronika Baláková, Ph.D., vice chairman of the Czech Association of Sport Psychologists

Administrative guarantor

Mgr. Veronika Baláková, Ph.D.,, +420 605 868 801

Invited Guest Speakers

Samuele Marcora

Professor Samuele Marcora currently works at the University of Bologna. He studied for an MSc in Human Performance at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (USA), and for a PhD in Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of Wales-Bangor (UK). After a successful academic career at Bangor University, Professor Marcora began his post as a lecturer at the University of Bologna, where he teaches applied physiology and methodology of training. His research integrates exercise physiology, motivation psychology and cognitive neuroscience to better understand fatigue, endurance performance, and physical activity behavior. Professor Marcora is an author of numerous scientific publications, has been a consultant to many organizations, including Juventus, MAPEI Sport (Sports Science Center) and ASICS. In his spare time, Professor Marcora enjoys playing American football, riding motorbikes and he also likes weight training. In 2013, he completed a three-month ride from London to Beijing to investigate fatigue in motorbike riders.
The title of the lecture: Mind over muscle

Anne-Marie Elbe

Anne-Marie Elbe, PhD, is a full professor for sport psychology at the University of Leipzig and President of FEPSAC, the European Federation of Sport Psychology. Her previous posts were at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, Northumbria University, Newcastle in the UK and at the University of Potsdam, Germany. She received her PhD from the Free University in Berlin, Germany in 2001. She is associate editor for Science and Medicine in Football and on the editorial board of Psychology of Sport and Exercise. Her publications and research interests focus on motivational and self-regulatory aspects of athletic performance, recovery, doping prevention, sport psychological diagnostics and cross-cultural comparisons. Besides her research Anne-Marie has worked as a sport psychological consultant for several organizations and different athletes mainly in track and field.
The title of the lecture: A new approach to doping prevention for young elite athlete

Marie Skalská

Marie Skalská graduated from the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. She worked at the IKEM Cardiology Clinic, later at the Cardiology Center MD. J. Škrobáková. She was a lecturer of cognitive – behavioral obesity therapy courses at STOB in 2006 – 2013, where she created a program for reducing the weight of clients with diabetes. She was participating in the creation of an interactive community website for weight reduction . She teaches the issue of active lifestyle, prevention of obesity and prevention of lifestyle diseases at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. MD. Marie Skalská also lectures at both domestic and foreign professional forums (Europe, USA, Brazil). She is an author or co-author of publications about prevention of civilization diseases in both professional and popular educational domestic and foreign press. She specializes in sports medicine at the Sports Medicine Center in Prague in her clinical practice. She is an active fitness instructor, holds many training licenses. Co-founded the Pro Fit Institute ( in 2003, which deals with the creation of preventive programs in primary and secondary prevention of civilization diseases. A fundamental benefit of the Pro Fit Institute programs is a comprehensive professional view of the issue of active lifestyle, i.e. a combination of enough exercise, a rational diet and a reduction in excessive stress, all in a practical way.
The title of the lecture: The nutrition of a young athlete for optimal mental and sports performance.

Karin Moesch

Karin Moesch is employed as a sport psychologist at the Swedish Sports Confederation. In this position, she provides individual counselling, group workshops and educations for elite athletes, coaches and teams. Her applied work is based on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and its newer developments such as acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness. She also holds an employment at the Clinic for Mental Health in Elite Athletes in Malmö. In such, her work covers both performance enhancement and mental health issues.
She received a PhD in sport science at the University of Berne (Switzerland) in 2012, and a PhD in psychology at the University of Lund (Sweden) in 2015. Her research interests focus on mental health issues, psychological aspects of injury, and team sports (mainly psychological momentum, emotional contagion, and nonverbal behaviours in sport teams).
Title of the lecture: Mental health disorders in elite athletes: how to detect, and how to prevent?

Michal Šafář

Chairman of the Association of Sports Psychologists, Dean of FTK UP in Olomouc. In his psychological practice, he focuses on mental training, the development of children’s sport talent and dual careers. He has experience working with leading Czech athletes and national teams.
Title of the lecture: Men and women – are we from Venus and Mars, or just from Earth?

Michal Vičar

Michal Vičar studied psychology and sociology at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno and earned a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology at the Faculty of Physical Culture in Olomouc. His research interests include the recognition and development of sports talent and a mental skills training. He is also interested in topics related to the use of wildlife movement and adrenaline activities for the development of personality and therapy. He works and teaches at the Faculty of Sports Studies of Masaryk University in Brno and the Faculty of Physical Culture of Palacký University in Olomouc. Michal Vičar works with top athletes. He conducts the New Street Band swing orchestra, in his free time he enjoys volleyball and rock climbing. He is a passionate traveller – the author of the book Embéčkem kolem světa, which has become a bestseller and a documentary film.
Title of lecture: Sports talent – a comprehensive approach

Kateřina Vejvodová

Katerina Vejvodová got to sports psychology thanks to tennis. She was playing tennis since childhood and received a sports scholarship from Kansas State University at the age of 18. After a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she went to Florida where she was studying sports psychology at the Florida State University. She has a private practice today and her services are used by professional athletes from different branches. She was working with the best Czech beach volleyball players Bára and Maki (Hermannová, Sluková) for two years and was there when they became world leaders. She currently cooperates with Jitka Čábelická – the Czech number one on mountain bikes, Laďka Pořízková – the Czech number one in wheelchair tennis or with Czech archery representatives. She was working with foreign athletes (England, France, Russia, USA) in the past.
Workshop title: How to make the most of breaks (or just before the start)

Peter Kuračka

Peter Kuračka is a sports psychologist, mental trainer and coach. He was studying psychology during his professional sports career and after that he began to work with mental preparation of individuals and teams. He helps athletes with preparing for top events such as World Championships, European Championships, Olympic Games or PH. He also cooperates with other coaches and parents. He is a vice president of SAŠP (Slovak Association of Sports Psychology) and internationally ICF Certified Coach.
Workshop title: Peak performances and mind travelling in time.

Michala Bednáriková

Michala Bednáriková graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts in Bratislava with the diploma thesis “The Border Situations in Sport”. Every year she participates in foreign sport-psychology conferences and workshops. She works mostly with athletes from individual sports, but also with their parents and coaches. She brings workshops and lectures for sports organizations in Slovakia and abroad. Since 2011 to 2019 she was a member of the ENYSSP Executive Committee (European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology) and since 2017 is the President of the SAPS. In 2018 she received a certificate Specialist in Applied Sports Psychology from the European Federation of Sports Psychology (FEPSAC).
Workshop title: Despite failure to succeed – what an athlete needs when he fails

Hana Pernicová

Mgr. Hana Pernicova, Ph.D. works as a lecturer for Sports Psychology at the Faculty of Physical Culture in Olomouc. She studied Psychology and Physical Education for secondary schools at the Palacký University in Olomouc. Her dissertation was focused on mental training in the preparation of junior alpine skiers, she worked it out within the framework of the Ph.D. studies in the field Psychology of Sport. She took part in a one-year internship at Miami Oxford University, Ohio, USA in the field of Sports Psychology and a semestral internship at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, which was focused on study and research in the field of Sports Psychology. She is involved in mental training and coaching in the field of sport. She has been practicing private psychological practice ( since 2005. She focuses on individual and team psychic training in sports and coaching, lectures courses for trainers. She has already worked with over 300 individual and team sports athletes.
Workshop: The optimal mental tuning for performance – practical application

David Svoboda

David Svoboda is historically the most successful representative of the Czech Republic in the modern pentathlon. He won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics and set a new Olympic record. He is currently training young men in modern pentathlon and together with his brother Tomáš he founded the Kalokagathia Alliance platform, which assembles sports teams from attractive races in the Czech Republic and abroad and promotes a new project of a sports elementary school with the same name.


Expected Schedule:
29. 11. 2019 13:00 – 18:00
30. 11. 2019 10:00 – 17:00

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