2019 – Tom Bates (abstract)

Winning in The Mind – The Psychology of the Successful Coach

Tom Bates

As the evolution of coaching practice continues to advance, the importance of applied sport psychology will play a central role in that movement. Coaches who understand the importance of a positive mentality to achieve competitive toughness with their players will sustain competitive advantage at all levels of the game. Developing a winning mindset through fostering healthy relationships, will become a defining skill for the coach of the future. This session will be a blend of inspiration and simple actionable strategies for coaches and practitioners. It is an opportunity to study integrated practical techniques and interventions from applied experience, based on the science of psychology that will help create winning attitudes and re-define coaching excellence. In this talk, Tom will offer insights from his pitch side and changing room experiences from behind the scenes in the English Premier League and Championship divisions, to help turn optimism, energy and inspiration into positive performance outcomes and results.